this is my new little girl, felista. she lives in tanzania. she is seven years old. i adopted her this past weekend while i was at a conference in charlotte. i say ‘adopt’ because it fills a need in me of scooping up all the children of the world who need help. the more appropriate way to say it, though, is that i became a sponsor through compassion international.

the cost to sponsor a child is $38/month (up from $34). i bought a pair of shoes from tj maxx for $42 last week (that i need to return). my gym membership is $38/month. when my gas tank is empty, it has cost $36.94 to fill it up the last few times.

wages in tanzania are $8/month.

i live on a tiiight budget, paycheck-to-paycheck. but i feel so strongly about this cause that i just knew god would work it out somehow, especially given how much he loves these children and created them in his image.

just like you. just like me.

i couldn’t not come home with a child.

today, i emailed my property manager because my lease would be up in a month so i just wanted to make sure it would be okay for me to stay in my apartment. when i signed my lease last year, i had to agree to a second deposit that would be spread out over the course of the year, which will now be diminished. the amount?

$33.00. it didn’t even occur to me until i looked at her picture just now that this would be the money i will give to felista each month. (i think i can manage to wriggle the extra $5.00 from my shoe budget.)

felista has two siblings and lives at home with her mom and dad. but as soon as i signed up, felista became my child.

compassion is not paying me anything to endorse them. in fact, i asked my new bff’s shawna & laura how i could become a compassion blogger, and i don’t even qualify right now (and may never because it requires 50,000 blog hits to get noticed). those of you who know me know that i cannot blindly promote anything; for me to endorse something, it must be something in which i strongly believe. i will get no special attention for telling you about my new relationship with compassion and felista.

the only thing that may happen as a result of this post is that you may be moved to sponsor a child of your own.

and if that does happen, please prayerfully consider the impact and reach of just how far $38/month will go.

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