real love.

i posted this on the fb earlier today, just archiving it here on the b-log. xo
sharing the rest of my sobriety story tomorrow, thinking on the things i’ve learned over the last seven years and some months and some days. also reading a lot of other people’s really beautiful words about dividing hot topics. everything is fragile where hearts and lives are involved. my heart aches, and my heart hopes.
the only thing i know if ever i have known anything at all, the only True Truth i know is True, is that Love is the only thing that matters. not respecting someone, even if you don’t agree, looks an awful lot like un-Love. in fact, it looks a lot like fear. Love clobbers fear, though, and Love says, “God in me Loves God in you and let’s have this conversation not because i’m right but because i want to understand and i want to Love The Real You better with Real Love and The Real Me needs Real Love, too”.

more than i found god in church, and surely he is found there, i found him in aa. i mean, REAL God. Real God, who Loves Real, Broken People because Love-God made Love-People who become Real and Broken Love-People. (it’s our brokenness, after all, that makes us Love-People.) and i have seen Love-God CHANGE LIVES through Love-People.

what am i talking about…Love-God CHANGED MY LIFE through Love-People, foremost of all is the person of Jesus.

(this was just my experience, by the way. i was raised in a non-traditional kind of ministry where it was just Jesus and people and a whole lot of Love and laughing and crying on a hill in the country. we were also raised to love and respect the church, which i do. most of the time.)

my friend brennan said, “church should look more like an aa-meeting”. pass the beans and potatoes and bad coffee and tell me where Grace found you. all are welcome and invited to The Table. you belong to me and i belong to you as long as we both know and/or we’re on our way to knowing more that we desperately need Love-God to love us a lot through Love-People because that’s all any of us really, truly need. just a lot a lot a lot of Love. because we’re ALL broken and messy and beautiful pilgrims on an Awesome journey that begins and ends with God who is Love.

sometimes Love isn’t nice. but Love is supposed to be kind. and Love is the only thing that will “fix” us, if in fact we need “fixing”. Love is the only thing that works. it’s the only thing that creates the right kind of change. it’s the only thing that matters. no matter our theology, Love has to be The Thing because it’s The Only Thing.

YOU, i, we were made by and for and with and to Love. let’s do just that, and just do that. even if it’s hard, even if it hurts. there is always reward when we commit to just Love.

Love God, Love People. because we are Love-People born of Love-God.

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